Videojet® Used Coders & Inks For Unique Applications

As a leading provider of industrial coding equipment, inks and supplies, we understand that each client faces a unique production process. For instance, some of our clients need coders capable of working in high temperatures or very cold temperatures. Other clients might need coders that can work in dusty or wet environments. We can offer you Videojet used coders and Videojet inks that meet your needs.

Videojet® Used Coders
You don’t have to pay high prices in order to acquire quality coding equipment. Buying refurbished from PrintJet can save you hundreds of dollars. Each of our Videojet® used coders undergoes a comprehensive six-step refurbishment process that transforms a used printer into “like new” condition.

Our selection of refurbished Videojet® coders includes the Videojet® EXCEL 180i small character inkjet printer. This printer provides up to three lines of alphanumerics as well as bar codes and even custom logos. This coder can handle printing on porous and non-porous surfaces as well as curved, textured and ribbed surfaces. This coder also can handle virtually any production speed.

Another Videojet® used coder you might need is the Videojet® Excel Series 2000 coder. This printer will work in many extreme environments and can handle high production speeds. This coder prints up to four lines of alphanumerics as well as logos and bar codes. Further, this coder features Videojet’s Autoflush™ system, which eliminates the need for cleaning your printhead daily. Additional Videojet® used coders that we often have in stock include the Videojet® 1310 printer, the Videojet® Excel 2000 Opaque printer and the Videojet® Excel 170I printer.

In addition to fully refurbished Videojet® used coders, we also have coding equipment from other manufacturers. Our selections include Domino® coders, Foxjet® high-resolution printers, Willett® coders, Altima coders and more. We also have replacement printheads and thousands of high-quality replacement parts. No matter what part you might need, we probably have it in stock now. We offer fast shipping so that you can get your coder back in place and reduce your production downtime. This Videojet® coder is one of our best deals, and includes a six-month warranty.

Videojet® Inks
No matter what type of Videojet® used or new printer you might have, we have an ink for your coding equipment. At our on-site laboratory, we formulate generic versions of all types of coding ink. Our ink quality is just as good (if not better) than OEM inks but with a far lower price tag. We use a four-stage filtration process when creating our inks, ensuring no residue, sludge or sediment, and you don’t need to flush out your coder if you are switching from OEM ink and adding our ink as well, as our inks provide trouble-free conversion.

We offer inks for all types CIJ coders, DOD coders and high-resolution printers, and we offer many types of specialty inks. For instance, if you need UV curable or UV readable ink, we can accommodate that need. If you need an alcohol-based ink or an alcohol-resistant ink, we have those, as well. We also offer pigmented inks for those who need to print on dark background, thermochromic inks, non-transfer inks for wire or cable printing and much more. If you don’t see exactly what you need on our website, contact us and we can formulate a special ink that meets all of your needs.

Posted Friday, October 27th, 2017 under PrintJet, Videojet.

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