Videojet® Inks: 7 Myths About Generic Inks

Everyone loves saving money, and purchasing generic Videojet® inks and make-up fluids can be a great way to save hundreds of dollars every year. However, some people have the wrong idea about alternative inks, so we thought it might be a good idea to bust some of the myths about generic ink.

Myth #1: Generic Ink = Low Quality
This is by far the biggest myth people believe about generic Videojet® inks. While we cannot speak for all of our competitors, rest assured that our alternatives inks are just as high in quality as OEM inks and often surpass those standards.

Our facility includes an on-site lab where we formulate all of our inks and make-up fluids. As we create our inks, we use a four-stage filtration process that ensures you won’t have to deal with residue, sludge or sediment. This translates into less printhead maintenance and less downtime for your operation.

Myth #2: Ink Conversion Is Too Difficult
If you’ve been using OEM ink for some time and then add one of our generic inks into your coder, you’ll be pleased with the seamless conversion from the OEM ink to our alternative inks. You won’t have to flush out your system; you can simply add our inks and fluids and keep going.

Myth #3: Generic Inks Offer A Limited Selection
While some ink suppliers only provide ink and make-up for certain makes and models of coders, the team at PrintJet can provide you with low-cost, high-quality inks for any brand and model of coder. This includes all types of CIJ printers and DOD printers, as well as high-resolution coding equipment. No matter what coder you have, we can formulate an ink and fluids for your machine. This includes Videojet® inks as well as inks for Domino®, Maxima®, Markem®, Altima® coders and many other brands.

Myth #4: Specialty Inks Aren’t Available
Do need a special ink application? You might think that a provider of alternative Videojet® inks can’t fit this need, but we can design any type of custom ink that you might need. This includes providing you with high-temperature inks, alcohol-resistant inks, thermochromic inks; dye-based color inks many other unique applications. We also can create inks suitable for use on food and beverage products, pharmaceutical products, wire & cable printing, porous & non-porous materials and on and on. If we don’t have exactly what you need, our team of ink experts can formulate special inks to your exact specifications.

If you need Videojet® inks or inks for another brand of coding equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. In addition to providing you with quality alternative inks, we also sell replacement parts for every type of coder and keep more than 10,000 parts in stock at any time. We also provide coder repairs and even sell refurbished coding equipment.

Posted Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 under PrintJet, Videojet.

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