Thermal Transfer Overprinting: 7 Helpful Facts

Flexible packaging is all the rage, and its popularity as food packaging continues to increase. After all, flexible packaging extends the shelf life of many food products, is lightweight, uses less material than traditional packaging and takes up less space on store shelves as well as in the consumer’s home. Of course, if you use flexible packaging, you need to be able to code each package and that’s where thermal transfer overprinting comes into the equation.

At PrintJet, we’ve been providing quality coding equipment for the specialty food and beverage industries for decades, and we can provide you with all you need for thermal transfer overprinting. Here’s a few facts about our TTO printers and other services we can provide.

1. An Option For Many Products
Thermal transfer overprinting printers can be used to apply coding to a wide range of food products and can be used in conjunction with vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal machines. These machines are used to fill and seal flexible packaging that contain items such as potato chips and snack foods, bakery products and even non-food items. These printers also can be used with thermoform and tray-sealing machines, such as those used to package meats and cheeses. Additionally, these coders can be used with pouch-filling machinery, for products such as coffee and other beverages, to name a few.

2. A High-Resolution Solution
Traditional coding equipment typically does not provide flexible packaging with solid coding. This type of packaging is unique and thermal transfer overprinting coders were designed with flexible packaging in mind, providing quality, high-resolution coding. In the past, the codes on your flexible codes were difficult to read, but with thermal transfer overprinting, your codes with be crystal clear and easy for consumers to read.

3. Speeding Up Production
In the past, it took a while for your traditional coder to heat up and reach its ideal coding temperature. Thermal transfer overprinting machines are ready to go in less than a minute, ensuring that you never have to wait for your coder, it’s ready to go as soon as you turn on the power. Additionally, with thermal transfer overprinting coders, it’s quite easy to add any code content you might need or alter your SKUs and you’ll find that it takes just a few seconds to switch from one print job to the next.

4. Consider The FlexPackPRO®
At PrintJet, we are pleased to offer the FlexPackPRO®, which is one of the most cost-effective and high-quality solutions for printing variable codes on flexible packaging materials. The FlexPackPRO® provides high-resolution thermal transfer overprinting for a myriad of products, including snack foods, candy, baked goods, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, meat & poultry, pet food, fresh salads, coffee, dried foods and much more.

The FlexPackPRO® is a rugged thermal transfer overprinting coder capable of working in a variety of industrial conditions. It integrates easily into most vertical form, fill and seal machines, as well as horizontal flow wrapper machines and thermoform, tray-sealing and automatic bagging machinery.

5. Save With FlexPackPRO®
Not only does the FlexPackPRO® provide high-quality coding, this machine features the highest level of reliability and was designed for continuous use and long-term performance. One of the huge advantages of the FlexPackPRO® is its long printhead life, as well as its price tag, which is 25% to 40% lower than competitive thermal transfer overprinting systems. We also offer the industry’s longest standard warranty, which is a full 18 months from the date of installation.

6. Other Ways To Save With PrintJet
At PrintJet, we offer the highest quality thermal transfer overprinting machines at the lowest possible prices, but that isn’t the only way we can save you money. No matter what type of coding equipment you might have, we can provide you with top-quality replacement inks and fluids.

Our facility includes an on-site ink laboratory where we create inks and fluids for all brands, makes and models of coding equipment, including all types of thermal transfer overprinting machines. Whether you opt to purchase a FlexPackPRO® or have another brand, we have an ink for you.

Our ink prices are far below OEM inks, but our ink quality is just as high, if not superior to OEM inks. Each of our inks undergoes a four-stage filtration process that ensures you won’t have to deal with the sediment, residue and sludge that often leads to excessive printhead maintenance. Our inks will keep you up and running, and you also will enjoy trouble-free conversion with all of our replacement inks and make-up fluids.

If you need any type of coder ink, or you have questions about thermal transfer overprinting machines, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email at any time. At PrintJet, our goal is to provide you with the best products and services at the most reasonable prices available in the industrial coding industry.

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