Marsh®, Videojet®, Domino® & More: Low-Cost Inks From PrintJet

If you are plagued with recurring nightmares about the cost of coder ink, you aren’t alone. Each year companies spend thousands of dollars on coding inks and fluids, but the good news is that you can save money on Videojet®, Marsh®, Domino®, Imaje®, Citronix® and other inks if you purchase from PrintJet.

For decades, we have been creating low-cost replacement inks for all makes and models of coding equipment. Our facility includes an on-site laboratory where we formulate inks for all types of applications.

What To Expect From Our Ink
We only use the highest quality dyes and pigments and each ink undergoes a four-stage filtration process during the creation of our inks, and this ensures that you will not suffer from the agony of sludge, residue and sediment that might occur with lesser quality inks. Our inks reduce the amount of printhead maintenance which translates to less downtime and more efficient production. Our inks provide rapid drying, typically 100 micro-seconds up to 2 seconds, depending upon the application.

Continuous Ink Jet Inks
No matter what kind of application you have, we have a replacement Videojet®, Marsh® or Domino® ink to match it. We stock general purpose M.E.K., Ethanol and Methanol Inks in black, blue, magenta, violet and other colors. We also formulate UV curable and UV readable inks, micro-pigmented inks for those needing vibrant codes, dye-based colored inks, high-temperature inks, alcohol-resistant inks, thermochromic inks, non-transfer inks and much more. No matter what type of coder you have and what materials you need to print on, we can find a CIJ ink just for you.

Drop-On-Demand Inks
For our customers with DOD coders, we offer industrial coding inks for both porous or non-porous applications, inks for cartons with plastic coating or varnish, pigmented DOD inks, alcohol & M.E.K.-based inks and much more. We even offer drop-in replacement inks for any water-based DOD coder from manufacturers such as Domino®, Marsh® and others.

High-Resolution Inks
Our selection of high-res inks and cleaning solvents will save you both time and money as our affordable quality inks boast rapid dry times and produce a clear, dark print with crisp graphics and clear bar codes. We have high-resolution drop-in replacements for most major brands of coding equipment including Videojet®, Marsh®, Domino®, Markem®, Diagraph® and Foxjet® coders. All of our high-res inks also are compatible with any OEM equipment that utilizes the Xaar® or Trident® piezo printheads.

No matter what type of ink and make-up fluids you might need, we have it all at PrintJet. If you have a Marsh®, Videojet®, Domino®, Maxima® or another type of coder, we have inks as well as replacement parts for virtually any make or model of coding equipment. If you don’t see exactly what you need, give us a call today and we will find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Posted Friday, June 23rd, 2017 under PrintJet.

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