The CIJ Printer: Do You Need A Spare?

While you might know PrintJet only as a source for quality, low-cost Videojet® ink, Domino® ink and so on, we also sell many a refurbished CIJ printer during the course of the year. If you have been considering purchasing a spare coder, here is a bit of information about our printers as well as a few helpful tips.

Spare Coders Reduce Downtime
If your coding equipment suddenly quits working, this can be a huge problem for your operation. But what if you could simply substitute in a spare CIJ printer and get right back to work? The money you save by avoiding unnecessary downtime can be well worth the cost of a spare piece of coding equipment.

Spare CIJ Coders Can Be Affordable
Buying your spare CIJ printer doesn’t have to break the bank. We have a huge selection of quality refurbished coding equipment and these printers cost far less than the cost of new coder. Our selection includes refurbished coders from brands such as Videojet®, Proxima®, Altima®, Markem®, Domino® and more.

How To Select Your Spare CIJ Printer
Before you select a spare CIJ printer, it is important to keep a few factors in mind. Because this will be a spare machine, you need to purchase a coder that can sit idle for several months and be able to immediately be brought into use whenever needed. For instance, some coders take an excessively long time to boot up while others require that the user flush the printheads if the machine has been idle for many weeks or months. Selecting a CIJ printer that can simply start right up in just a few minutes and get going ensures that your company reduces any downtime.

Additionally, if you have a Videojet® coder as your main coder, it is wise to probably stick with another similar coder that can use the same Videojet® ink you were using previously. That way, you won’t have to keep a special stock of ink and make-up fluids on hand for your spare CIJ printer; you can simply start the machine up and keep using the same ink.

Obviously, you also want to select a CIJ printer that is capable of printing the number of lines and characters you need and in the sizes that you need. You also need to select a coder that can print on the same surfaces and substrates as your main coder.

How PrintJet Can Help
Aside from providing you with a fantastic spare CIJ printer, we also provide repairs for all types of coders. So when your main coder breaks, send it in to us and we’ll repair it and have it up and running in no time at all. If you don’t wish to purchase a spare, you can rent one from us while you are waiting for your coder to be repaired.

We also sell quality replacement inks and make-up fluids for any make and model of coding equipment. This includes Videojet® ink, Domino® ink, Maxima® ink and many other top brands. We also sell replacement parts for virtually any type and brand of coding equipment. At PrintJet, our goal is to provide you with highest quality coding equipment and related products at the lowest possible prices.

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