5 Videojet® Options Now Available From PrintJet

At PrintJet, our motto has always been, “making coding easy” and in addition to making it simple for customers to find any coding-related product they might need, we also strive to provide you with the lowest possible prices for all of our goods and services. Here is a quick look at some of our Videojet® options.

1. Refurbished Videojet® Coders
If you are in the market for a new coder, you might be surprised at the high prices of a brand new Video jet model. Instead of buying new, it might be better to purchase a “like new” refurbished Videojet® coder from PrintJet.

Each of our used Videojet® printers is restored with our meticulous six-step refurbishment process. This includes examining all of the components of a coder and ensuring that each part works perfectly. Before shipping any refurbished coder, we replace any non-functioning parts and then calibrate and test each coder for 24 hours continuously to ensure that the coder is working just like new.

Currently, our stock of refurbished coders includes Videojet® 1510 printers with auto flush, as well as Videojet® XL 2000 models, Videojet® XL 170i models, Videojet® 37e+ printers, Videojet® 273se printers, Videojet® XL2000 Opaque models and several more. We also have several models of refurbished Domino® coders in stock and refurbished Willett® printers.

2. Videojet® Repair & Refurbishment
If you have a coder, but it’s not functioning well, but there’s no money in your budget for a new coder, we offer affordable repairs as well as full refurbishment. We can refurbish just about any coder back to like-new condition or provide you with any type of repairs.

Whether you own a Video jet coder or a brand such as Maxima®, Domino®, Leibinger® or another brand, we can repair or refurbish your coder. Additionally, we can rent you a replacement coder to use while your machine is in our shop, ensuring that your production process stays up and running.

3. Videojet® Replacement Inks & Fluids
Ink is one of the most expensive products on the planet, and the cost of OEM inks can be staggering. Fortunately, we have a solution. We have an onsite ink laboratory and our team of experts manufacture high-quality, affordable replacement inks and fluids for all Videojet® coders. Our inks are created using a four-step filtration process, which eliminates common problems such as sludge, sediment and residue and reduces printhead maintenance.

Our selection of inks includes inks for all types of CIJ coders, DOD coders and high-resolution printers. We can provide you with ink for special applications such as UV curable and UV readable inks, returnable glass inks and washable inks, alcohol-resistant inks, non-transfer inks and much more. We also can provide you with custom ink development for virtually any type of unique application.

4. Videojet® Replacement Parts
We sell affordable replacement parts for virtually every make and model of coder. Our stock includes more than 10,000 items at prices 30% to 50% less than you would pay if you purchased directly from the manufacturer. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our parts and provide you with fast shipping, so that you can replace a broken part as quickly as possible and reduce your production downtime.

5. Videojet® Accessories
There are all sorts of Video jet accessories that you might need, and you can find great deals on items such as air filtration systems, power conditioners, alert lights and more here at PrintJet.

Whether you own a Videojet® coder or wish to purchase one, consider using PrintJet as your main source for all of your coding and marking needs. Of course, in addition to our selection of Videojet® products and services, we also can help those with Maxima®, Domino®, Marsh®, Leibinger®, ALE®, Proxima® and other major brands of coders. If you don’t see exactly what you need on our site, feel free to give us a call today and we will do our best to find everything on your shopping list.

Posted Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 under PrintJet.

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